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From: Jeff Bode
Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dear Friend,

Hi Jeff Bode here and I have a confession...

sometimes I'm lazy and I want quick results, you see one day I was browsing around Ezine articles for ideas of new content for a free report I was creating

then I discovered something... Ezine articles has a ton of content (obvious I know), more importantly you can literally swipe someones complete business including research and testing! ...In a perfectly legal way

After several hours of research and study I discovered a system that works amazingly fast

As you know there are 1,000s of articles on Ezine articles alone... without knowing how to narrow down exactly what to look for 'the hidden goldmines' it takes several hours!

Like I said, I'm lazy and want quick results... so I've taken several hours of work and turned it into only 10 painlessly easy minutes!

It works great because all the work is virtually done for you... the highly sought after pre-sell content, the right product to promote, how to promote the products and even the exact keywords to use... all revealed in record time - amazing!

Plus you even know how many people are going to Ezine articles alone and actively searching for that solution, that means you can swipe an instant winner that you know there is a demand for < this is HUGE!

Then I took it a step further and figured out a quick way to crank out a complete money bucket business...

ezine articles quick niche secrets

Here's What You Get Today...

This course is 3 videos and an hour long webinar where I reveal exactly how to instantly dominate a new niche so that your new site can be spitting out money by the end of the day. I actually go through a few live examples on the webinar just to prove how fast and easy it is, while answering common questions so that you don't get tripped up by the details.

Listen, I know that taking quick action is the fastest way to reach big income fast and I also know that we tend to get cought up in minor things and that's usually due to not having a system in place to quickly know what the next step is... this is much more than niche research, it's a complete business model that allows you to test for new profitable niches at blazing fast speeds!

In this course you'll also discover...

  • The only 4 special keyword phrases you need to use to uncover tons of hot money niches
  • How a special Google trick will siphon out all the loser Ezine articles and spit out the best ones for easy rabid niche selection
  • What 2 things you must look at to discover how many potential customers you can suck right off of Ezine articles, plus you can use this for other sites as well
  • Sneaky way to steal your future competitors best keywords right from Ezine articles
  • Instant valuable content - discover the best way to sell using Ezine articles, what to include in your article and what type of page to send your article readers to... even discover what others paid to advertise their
  • Quickly find hot affiliate products to promote in only a few clicks, literally steal your competions best affiliate (or CPA) offers using the recurring factor
  • My go to method for setting up a quick money making business using Ezine article research including creating quick content and promoting multiple products for more profits and longer lasting profits... not to mention the leverage factor
  • WARNING! avoid sending your article traffic to these sites no matter what the gurus say... find out the only 3 places you should be sending your traffic, even if you want a completely free site (no domain & hosting)
  • And more!

You Always Over Deliver and This Was No Exception

The Ezine Articles Quick Niche webinar was great! You always over deliver and this was no exception. I pity the fool's that missed out!

Doug Serra

Why Am I Offering This For Just $97?

I first decided to sell this course for $97 because of the huge results it can deliver, but then I decided to do you a favor and test out a new approach...

You may think I'm crazy, but I'm giving you this great deal because I want to massively overdeliver so that in the future you will be more likely to say yes to new products that I release. So we can both make more money overall.

Plus I know this will save you a ton of time and money which is very important for your business, unlike many marketers online, I want you to succeed and this is my way of making it a lot easier on you.

You can literally follow the steps in this course and have your own high traffic niche business in less than 24 hours without breaking a sweet - how many products do you know that can actually deliver such amazing results for such a good price?

Think for a minute about how your life will be different with just one successful money making site, you could finally afford to buy some extra fun stuff like family vacations or pay off those nasty bills that keep creaping up each month.

With this system it's so darn easy, you can pop up sites left and right (or pay someone to do everything for you) would you like that growing income stream?

Just imagine people will actually respect you for taking on the whole online business dream... in fact people will probably be amazed at how awesome it is that you make money online... plus it makes for a cool story when people ask you what you do.

It's a great deal as you can see.

When You Say Yes Today, You'll Get These 3 Bonuses

Bonus 1: Instant Content Software

This amazing software can automatically search up to 900 pages in Google for your choosen keyword and instantly add it all to the software or a text file. It even includes the url for the content and it skips the commercial intent (selling) content.

This means instant push button content for articles, blog post and even products!

It's a perfect compliment to your Ezine Articles Quick Niche you get today.

Bonus 2: Ezine Articles Quick Niche Report, Iphone & Ipod Ready Videos and MP3 Audios

Since everyone prefers there own way of learning I'm giving you this training in Every format that you would want...

This means you can watch the WMV video on your computer, listen to the MP3 on the go or pop this training into your Iphone or Ipod...

I even give you a step by step report that gives you easy implementation and quick referance

This makes it totally convenient for you

Bonus 3: The Law Of Focus Report &
The Time Management Must Report

The special techniques I've only exposed to my personal coaching students!

Probably the most overlooked but essential part of success online is 'focus' and 'time management' ask any successful marketer... you need to focus on what works and what needs to be done - I expose some of my best 'focus' & 'time management' secrets so that you can finally move your business forward to make good money fast!

This is where so many people struggle and as a result are left broke or worse spend hours and hours getting no real results!

Simply priceless for you and your success today!

My Personal No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Here's how this works... I want you to get your hands on this course right now. Go through just the first 10 minutes and if you already don't feel in ten minutes that you've gotten multiple times your tiny investment today, then I demand you contact me, and I will return every penny of your purchase to you quietly and promptly. No questions asked. I'll even give you 60 days to check it out...

Even Better I'll let you keep the product so you can only stand to gain by saying yes today

Can you honestly afford to invest just ten minutes of your time today?

Yes Jeff, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS So I, Can Enter A New Niche Today!

I Want To Download This Entire 3 Module And 1 Hour Webinar Course + Bonuses Immediately Before The Price Goes Up!

Only $97.00 $27

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers

P.S. When you say yes today you will get instant access to the whole entire Ezine Quick Niche course including...
All 3 modules and the 1 hour long webinar in WMV, iPod/iPhone and MP3 format so you can watch the video on the go at home or just listen to the audio...
The PDF step by step guide and webinar Power Point (in PDF format) so you can quickly walk through everything
The Instant Content Software
The Law Of Focus & Time Management Must PDF the strategies I've only shared with my personal coaching students
All for only $27 and backed by a 60 days full refund policy.


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